Our Team

Our Team

Tulikeni Ndadi

Managing Director

Tuli is a Mining Engineer by profession with a Masters in International Mineral Resources Management from the UK. She has comprehensive knowledge on the mining value chain, from inception to mine closure and beyond the borders of a mining project. Tuli has professional work experience at a Lithium mine and a diamond mine in Namibia. Additionally she worked at the London Metal Exchange in the UK and worked as a Business Manager at a corporate bank in Namibia. Tuli is passionate about driving the growth of Namibia and Africa sustainably, ensuring the delivery of the African Mining Vision with one project at a time.
• Masters International Mineral Resources Management
• Bachelor of Engineering in Mining
• Postgrad Diploma in Development Finance
• Advanced Project Management Certificate

Prof. Hollenberg

Senior Mining Engineer | Director

Prof Hollenberg gained his experience in all types of mining contractor business and specialist mining, project management, claim management, project and business development in a worldwide operating Mining Contractor Company. Prof Hollenberg managed construction projects of more than 150 million Euro contract volume and with more than 500 employees. Prof Hollenberg is currently Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Professor of Raw Materials and Process Engineering at GMIT in Mongolia.
• PhD in Mining Engineering (German Dr. -Ing)
• German Dipl.-Ing equivalent to Masters in Engineering
• Diploma in Building contract law and public procurement law

Sarangoo Khadaa

Mining Financial Expert | Director

Sarangoo Khadaa is a Director of Namintec and is an Economist and Financial Analyst with more than seven years professional experience in Business Controlling. Sarangoo Khadaa is a Director of Namintec and is an Economist and Financial Analyst with more than seven years professional experience in Business Controlling. Sarangoo gained her mining expertise in Mongolia in the area of Copper and Gold (Underground Mining) as well as Coking Coal, Thermal Coal, Lignite, Copper, Silver, Molybdenum, REE (Surface Mining) in economic efficiency calculation, due diligence studies, financial modeling of strategic projects regarding state-owned mineral deposits including infrastructure projects and financial feasibility studies. Qualifications:
• Diploma Kauffrau (equivalent to MBA)
• MBA Training in Finance Modeling, Terrapins Training
• Mongolian Mine Products – Export or Value Adding
• Manager Training Programme

Efraim Uakumbua

Mining Engineer | Director

Efraim Uakumbua is a director of NAMINTEC and an experienced Mining Engineer. He has comprehensive knowledge in the technical background of mining and operations on a large scale. Efraim holds a Bachelor of Engineering Honors degree in Mining Engineering and currently a Masters in Industrial Engineering candidate. With more than 5 years of experience he has a strong technical background in mining. His experience covers mine operations on large scale mining in Uranium and Zinc namely Langer Heinrich Uranium where he did an investigation on cost impacts of dilution, and Skorpion Zinc Mine. At Husab Mine he has held a position as mining production equipment coordinator and now in short mine planning department as an engineer training assisting in drill and blast scheduling and load and haul projects. He also has extensive knowledge of mine engineering principles, management systems, open pit optimization techniques and contract management skills.
• Bachelor of Engineering in Mining
• Masters in Industrial Engineering (Candidate)

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